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Wayne RESA – SS / Grade 3 / Social Studies / Social Studies 3 / Week 25 - Week 31
Unit Abstract

In this unit students extend their civic perspective from second grade local government to state government. They begin with an examination of the purposes of government and ways in which the government of Michigan works to fulfill those purposes. By exploring the concept of representative government, students learn how the power of government resides with the people. They build upon their knowledge of local government and community by distinguishing the roles of state government from local government and explore why state governments are needed. By learning about the Michigan Constitution, students are introduced to the concept of limited government and the history of Michigan’s Constitution. An understanding of limited government is further enriched through an exploration of how the powers of government are separated among the branches in state government. Students then explore the judicial branch by examining ways courts function to resolve conflict. Finally, students consider important rights and responsibilities of citizenship including the responsibility to be informed about public issues.


Stage One - Desired Results

Compelling Question

How has the government in Michigan responded to the needs of people as Michigan has grown?

Supporting Questions
  1. Why do the people in the state of Michigan need a government?
  2. How is our state government organized?
  3. What are some important rights and responsibilities of Michigan citizens?
Content (Key Concepts)


executive branch


judicial branch

legislative branch

levels of government

limited government


public issues

representative government

responsibilities of citizenship

rights of citizens

Skills (Intellectual Processes)



Stage Two - Assessment Evidence

Unit Assessment Tasks

Stage Three - Learning Plan

Lesson Plan Sequence
MI: Social Studies (2007)
3rd Grade
Civics & Government
C1 Purposes of Government
Explain why people create governments.
3 – C1.0.1 Give an example of how Michigan state government fulfills one of the purposes of government (e.g., protecting individual rights, promoting the common good, ensuring equal treatment under the law).
C2 Values and Principles of American Democracy
Understand values and principles of American constitutional democracy.
3 – C2.0.1 Describe how Michigan state government reflects the principle of representative government.
C3 Structure and Functions of Government
Describe the structure of government in the United States and how it functions to serve citizens.
3 – C3.0.1 Distinguish between the roles of state and local government.
3 – C3.0.3 Identify the three branches of state government in Michigan and the powers of each.
3 – C3.0.4 Explain how state courts function to resolve conflict.
3 – C3.0.5 Describe the purpose of the Michigan Constitution.
C5 Role of the Citizen in American Democracy
Explain important rights and how, when, and where American citizens demonstrate their responsibilities by participating in government.
3 – C5.0.1 Identify rights (e.g., freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to own property) and responsibilities of citizenship (e.g., respecting the rights of others, voting, obeying laws).
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