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Welcome to the Wayne RESA Atlas Curriculum Site

Wayne RESA is one of 56 regional service agencies in the State of Michigan that offer support services to their constituent school districts.

Wayne RESA serves 33 locally governed districts and 110 public school academies throughout Wayne County. Though every district in Wayne County is a unique community of learners, each shares a common goal: to provide a quality education for every student. Wayne RESA provides a wide range of support to all districts in order to assist their efforts in delivering quality educational programming that best meet learners’ needs.

Why a Curriculum Site?

Wayne RESA is providing this Atlas site to assist districts in establishing a local core curriculum. This site contains free and public access to curriculum models and units of study that have been developed through collaborative efforts across the state. These units of study are based upon state and national curriculum standards and research in curriculum and unit design.

Although each local district has the autonomy and responsibility to design a local curriculum that best meets the needs of their unique learners, this site provides exemplars to help district curriculum committees envision a high quality curriculum. In addition, this site contains a framework and models that can support the work of local curriculum development.

Providing this Atlas site to our constituent districts supports our overall mission of providing leadership in the areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Our goals to support this vision include:

  • To lead learning through providing visible, easily accessible curriculum models
  • To support districts with changing standards, assessments, and instructional strategies with access to high quality resources
  • To lead professional learning in the areas of curriculum design, assessment, and the use of an effective curriculum management tool

Wayne RESA will continue its mission of excellence by working collaboratively with local districts to develop and share resources.

For more information about Wayne RESA programs and services we invite you to visit our website at www.resa.net.

Navigating the system:

To view and download model units, click on either the SEARCH field or ALL CURRICULUM / BROWSE menu on the top of the page. You can use the SEARCH feature to select a specific topic or skill by keyword. The BROWSE button allows you to review information by grade level or subject area.

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