Multiple Intelligences

8 Kinds of Smart

1. Linguistics - Word Smart

Materials Activities
Computers Story contests
Internet (Email) Poetry Contests
World Wide Web Dramas, story theatre
Smithsonian Books Improvisational theatre
National Geographic Magazines Buddy Reading
International Penpals Silent Reading
Construction paper Story Boarding
Laminator Cartooning
Book binder Comic Strips
Large children's library Pipe Cleaner letters
Wide variety of board games Drop Everything and Read (DEAR)
Character letters T.V. Scripts
Cue Cards Dialogue Journals
Poetry Center Illustrations
Short Story Center Book Making
Non Fiction Writing Center Collages
Rice, Sand, Shaving Cream,
Easels, Cookie Cutter Current Events
Pie pans, scissors, glue Class Newspapers
Chalkboard, Dry erase board School Newspapers
Pipe Cleaners, pencils, pens
Maps, globes, markers
Overhead projectors for students
Paper, erasers
Weekly Reader and other magazines
Great Books/Junior Great Books
Audio Tapes with Books
Hooked On Phonics


2. Visual/Spatial

Materials Activities
Crayons Acting/Drama
Drama Stage Art Projects
Markers Coloring
Colored Pencils Collections
VCR and Monitor Mime
Clay Science Experiments
Camcorder Physical Education
Legos/blocks Tracing and drawing
Clocks Making movies
Maps Dance
Sand/paint Watching movies
Chalk/puzzles/doll houses Musicals
Plaster of Paris/molds Balloon artists
Flashcards Building models
Onion skin paper
Play Clothes Field trips
Puppets/Puppet building materials Constructing projects
Scissors/Board games Guest speakers
Paste/class pets Making dioramas
Manipulatives Relief maps
Learning Centers Working on computers
Televisions/Cable Sand Play
Overhead projectors Picture books
Tinker toys Story Time
Books Playing Board Games
Erector sets
Science Kits
Popsickle sticks
Bulletin Boards
Colorful rugs


3. Musical

Materials Activities
Sand blocks Exploring Sounds
Cymbals Background Music
Pianos/Keyboards During Drill & Practice
Auto Harps Music through Time Periods
Moraccas Music and Different Cultures
Triangles Vocabulary Raps
Tambourines Dancing/Rhythm
Tuning Forks/Recorders Aerobics
Drums/Xylophones/Tape Recorders Writing Lyrics
Overhead Projectors Mathematical Raps
Headphones Write and perform music
Record players Explore vibrations
Laser Disc Players
CD Rom players Parades
Computers-Hypercard, slide shows Bands/Chorus/Handbell Choirs
Stereo equipment Madrigal Dinner
Music Books Go to the Symphony, musicals, plays
Tape/CD Rom Library Make video tapes of sound effects
Chimes/Bells Build a Foley Stage
Encyclopedias on Composers Cartoon set to music
Microphones/Amplifiers Go to MGM studio
Classical Music in the Background Guest Speakers-singers, composers
Sound Effects Equipment-Foley Stage Bring in guest musicians
Cans, Shakers, hollow coconut Class Choruses
Video Cameras


4. Body-Kinesthetic -High Energy

Materials Activities
Audio Cassette Tapes Exercises in Seats
Musical Albums Hard Hat Worker-Wears the hat and helps the teacher
Large playgrounds-fields Dramatize Stories
Manipulatives-Mathematics Interactive Spelling
Manipulatives-Grammar Story retelling - videotaped
Science Lab Equipment Videotape commercials
Puppet Stage Photographic safaris around school
Drama Area Scavenger Hunts
Props Trampoline Jumping
Dyna Boards Marching with instruments
Chalkboards. White Boards Build graphs with large blocks
Trampoline Races
Drums/Whistles Field Days
Costumes Treasure Hunts-Bug Hunts
Learning Centers Nature object lessons
Play Centers Teaching outdoors
Stopwatches Caring for pets
Large Relief Maps Gardening
Classroom Pets Building interactive playgrounds
Clay Build math playground
Terrariums, Aquariums Build outdoor art centers
Rocking Chairs
Nerf Equipment
Gymnastic Equipment
Bean Bags


5. Math Logic Problem-Solving

Materials Activities
Manipulatives Cross-age tutoring
Counters Math Mall - Build team stores
Abacus Measure parts of the body
Lego Blocks Measure parts of the room
Calculators Cut out geometric shapes
Geo boards Use string to lay out dinosaur shapes
String Art Use maps for directions
Cuisenaire Rods Set up compass courses
Blocks Set up treasure maps using measurement
Tangrams Build compasses
Computers Graphing activities
Metric and English rulers Build clocks
Graph paper Math Olympics Day
Puzzles, play money Timed relay races
Flashcards, workbooks Kitchen Math - Learn fractions by cutting vegetables
Rubberbands, Dice Garage Math - Learn measurement by working around the house
Playing cards Brain teasers
Links, Maps, Construction paper
Scissors Sorting/Classifying manipulatives
Marbles, beans Building models
Base Ten Blocks
Geometric shapes
Straws, compasses
Stopwatches, clocks
Pattern Blocks
T square


6. Interpersonal-People Smart

Materials Activities
Board Games Jeopardy
Team Games Scavenger Hunt Teams
Art Supplies, construction paper Classroom government
Internet software Simulations
Sports equipment Group Projects
Musical instruments Peer Tutoring
Play scripts Cross-Age Tutoring
Puppet scripts Readers Theatre
Puppet stage Puppet Shows
Big books Dramas
Puppets Musicals
Science Lab materials Sports
Video recorders Create original group stories
Kitchen supplies Use the internet
Seeds, gardening tools Connect with world wide web
Stamps, legos Debate teams
Computers Make a movie
Video equipment Build a city
TV studio Cook a Meal together
Recording studio Pen pals
Video letters to other countries
Plant a class garden
Make a class book


7. Intrapersonal-Self Smart

Materials Activities
Computers E mail accounts
CD Rom Research Tools Pen pals
Modem Research teams
Computer programs Drop Everything and Read
Audio Equipment Dialogue Journals
Study Booths Design own models
Lockers Design own cities of the future
VCR Cameras Make personal books
Book shelves Decorate study booths
Reading Centers Individualized Instruction
Puzzles Cross-age tutoring with younger children
Odyssey of the Mind Materials Listening Centers
Video games Multi-media projects
Painting and Drawing supplies Tape recorders for listening and recording
Laser Disk Equipment Hyper-studio projects
Satellite hookups Educational TV
Microscopes Movies, filmstrips
Telescopes Reading activities
Televisions Individual musical activities
Reading Materials and References
Large Classroom libraries
School post office


8. Naturalistic

Materials Activities
VCR Book reading under a tree
Television Creative cloud watching
Terrarium Leaf collecting
Ant Farm Building habitats
Magnifying glasses Identifying insects
Butterfly Net Identifying plants
Microscope Dissection
Grow lamps Create your own animal
Insect collections Nature walk
Animals Build a garden
Gardening tools Listen to the rain
Weather Station Tree rubbings
Telescope Spider web art
Seeds Bird watching
Soil Rock collection
Bird feeders Trip to the zoo
Snake tank Camping trip with parents
Bird guides Pond ecology