Stage 1 - Desired Result

Content Standard(s):

2D - Students analyze cultural interactions among diverse groups
[Consider multiple perspectives.]

Source: National Standards for United States History p 108



Students will understand that...

  • The settlement of the West threatened the lifestyle and culture of Native American tribes living on the plains


Essential Question(s):
  • Who were the "winners" and who were the "losers" of the settlement of the West?
  • What happens when cultures collide?


Students will know...




Students will be able to...




Stage 2 - Assessment Evidence

Performance Task(s):
  • Imagine that you are an elderly tribal member who has witnessed the settlement of the plains by the "pioneers". Tell a story to your 8-year old granddaughter about the impact of the settlers on your life. (May be done orally or in writing.)
Other Evidence:


Stage 3 - Learning Plan

  • Stage a simulated meeting of a council of elders of a Native American tribe living in the plains, to have students consider a different perspective.
  • Discuss - "What should we do when threatened with relocation - fight, flee, or agree to move (to a reservation)? What impact would each course of action have on our lives?"